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Appliances that Improve Your Winter Singing Voice

Whether your family is into caroling or karaoke, chances are you’ll be forced to join a sing-along at some point during the winter. And while there is no substitute for actual talent (auto-tuners excluded), there are still a few appliances out there that can soothe those tender vocal cords and help you to rock out in cold weather.

Humidity makes food go stale and old homes turn into mold-infested allergy-factories. It makes the air grow thick and your hair grow frizzy. In general, it just makes life difficult. Yet humidity can also keep your air passages lubricated, helping you to avoid a sore throat or a bloody nose. During the winter, when the air is drier, you probably suffer a sore throat more frequently regardless of your current flu status. A dry throat is more easily irritated, and irritated throats don’t exactly produce the dulcet contralto you’re known for. Fortunately, you can buy dehumidifiers and humidifiers alike at any drug store, or check online for great deals.

A decent range is essential to brewing a perfect cup of tea. If your range is old or if the connections are corroded, it could take a while to warm up. If this is the case, you may purchase an entirely new stove unit or replace the malfunctioning appliance with a new range so you can brew up a yummy batch of licorice root tea. Or, if you’re desperate, you can heat up an unappetizing-yet-effective salt water gargling solution.

Space Heater
If your home comes equipped with central air, you probably keep the thermostat at a reasonably low temperature so that your power bills don’t bankrupt you over the winter. This is wise and frugal, of course, but you might want to buy a space heater for your bedroom anyway. Not only does your core temperature drop when you sleep, you also need to remember that you don’t swallow as frequently, meaning your throat is especially sensitive to cold, dry air. A space heater, combined with a humidifier, will resolve this issue. While you’re at it, you might as well buy a portable air conditioner to help you survive the summer months.

Sound System
When all else fails, you can always mask your poor singing by cranking up the volume elsewhere. The speakers are the most important aspect of any sound system, especially if you are just looking for something to hook up to your iPod or computer. Be sure you do your research before you set out to buy a new set of speakers, as they range in quality depending on the type and brand you buy.