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Buying AC Units in the Winter

With freezing weather outside and roaring fires (or heaters) inside, buying an air conditioning unit is probably the last night in your mind. Yet January, and winter in general, is the best time to buy summer appliances like air conditioners and grills. The reasons for this are pretty obvious: retailers generally release their new AC models during the summer, so they reduce prices on last year’s stock to make way for newer, pricier models. Here are some ways to determine whether this is the year you should buy a new air conditioner. 

Assess Your Needs

Whenever you buy home appliances, you should think ahead, both to the distant future (will this be enough when we have kids?) and to the immediate future (should I really be looking for an air conditioner when my furnace won’t even stay on?). If you have more pressing issues related to home maintenance, address those before you consider buying a new air conditioner.  Retailers have the same sales every year, and you can always buy arefurbished air conditioner in the summer if price is an issue. 

Contact Your Landlord

If you are renting, always speak to your landlord or super before buying major appliances, especially if you want to replace an item that was provided to you and need to place the older item in storage. In some cases, your landlord may be contractually obligated to replace malfunctioning appliances. In other cases, you may need special permissions, especially if your rent includes the cost of utilities. Finally, you should make sure your landlord doesn’t have plans for the property that would render your purchase useless. There is no point in buying a new air conditioner if your landlord plans to install central cooling over the Spring. 

Consider your Lifestyle

If you definitely want to take advantage of January air conditioner sales, think about what you really need. Remember that the more air you need cooled, the larger and costlier your air conditioner will be. If you are at work all day and only come home to sleep, you may be content with a window model. If you tend to spend long periods of time in certain rooms but can’t afford to purchase an air conditioner for every room, you’ll want to invest in a portable air conditioner. And if budget is your biggest issue, remember that you can always buy refurbished home appliancesto help you make ends meet without sacrificing quality.