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Gas Dryers

Trying to decide what type of dryer to purchase? Gas dryers are more energy efficient and cheaper to run than traditional electric dryers. Gas dryers utilize a gas burner to create heat, but they otherwise operate the same as an electric dryer. The only difference is how much it costs per load. When you use a gas dryer, you can save around 50 dollars per year. This is a good figure considering that a dryer should last you around 18 years. Here at RefurbKing, we offer both LG Front Load Dryer units and LG Top Load Dryer Units. In order to install a gas dryer, your laundry room must have a gas hookup with proper connections and safe venting of the gas's exhaust, in addition to an electrical outlet. So pick up a phone and give us a call today to discuss pricing on our gas dryers; you’ll be glad you did!


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