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Out with the Old, in with the New(ish)

You may not use your mom’s old TV as a stand for your 42” 1080p LCD flat screen, but you still have piles of outdated, unused, nonfunctional electronics hiding in the less-visible areas of your home. And while you may feel inordinately attached to your high school stereo, the New Year is upon us, and with it, your resolution to get organized. Eliminating old hardware is simple enough when you aren’t using any of it, but when older models comprise part of your system, you should think about conducting a system overhaul.

Why Now? 


The gift that keeps on giving. Image found at http://www.westsidecafe.net/Gift_Card.jpg.

Companies tend to drop all of their prices immediately after Christmas. Sure, they have some before-Christmas sales, but to make the most of your money, not to mention all of the gift cards you received for Christmas, late December and early January are the best time to shop for new electronics. If you’re too exhausted to go shopping after the holidays, though, don’t worry. Electronics companies have sales year-round, especially before and immediately after they release new models. You can also take advantage of refurbished home appliances and electronics year-round. These products will work just as well as brand-new products at a fraction of the cost.

What to do with old electronics? 


Put your old cell phones to good use. Image found at http://www.kitsap-wa.org/Cell%20Phones/default.html.

Whatever else you do, you should never throw electronics away directly, as they can contain mercury, lead, and other heavy metals that can soak into groundwater if exposed to the elements in landfills. You probably won’t make much money off your used products if they are truly outdated, but you can try posting them to craigslist or visiting your local pawn shop if you feel they are marketable. Otherwise, there are a number of charities that give old computer monitors and other outdated electronics to underprivileged children at home and abroad. Cell phones can also be repurposed as emergency devices for victims of domestic violence or to help soldiers contact their families.

What to buy?


Buy a home theater system that includes everything you need  instead of buying items separately. Photo from https://www.refurbking.com/lg-lhb326-network-built-in-wi-fi-home-theater-system/.

If you have an unlimited budget, you should of course replace all of your used appliances with shiny, efficient, space-saving items. If you are on a budget, however, consider buying discount home appliances and electronics. You should also look for packages that include more than one item; just as bundling can save you money on insurance or phone services, it can also save you money when purchasing electronics. A refurbished home theater can come complete with Blu-Ray DVD Player in addition to the expected screen and speaker systems. And it will probably be much smaller than your existing system, meaning you’ll have more space to fill with new toys for the New Year.