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Refurbking carries every style, capacity, size and color of LG Stainless Steel Refrigerator, including French Door, Side by Side, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, and more! Sizes of our LG stainless steel refrigerators range from Large (20-24 cu. ft.) to Ultra-Large (25-28 cu. ft.) to Mega (33 cu. ft.)! And every LG Stainless Steel Refrigerator from Refurbking comes with the best refrigerator discount—as much as 50% less than regular retail! The Refrigerator may have cosmetic blemishes on the sides and back of the unit, other than the ones shown in the pictures. The cosmetic blemishes can range from light paint scuffsto small scratches and dents. Any blemish will be purely cosmetic in nature and will not affect usage, or the structural integrity of the refrigerator. We do not take pictures of the sides or backs of the refrigerators. Like all of our products, we have LG certified technicians who inspect each and every unit to make sure that they are in working order.


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